What are the characteristics of self lubricating plastic bearings?

Self lubricating plastic bearings are generally made of engineering plastics with better performance; with engineering plastics self-lubricating modification technology, through the fiber, special lubricants, glass beads and so on to engineering plastics for self-lubricating enhancement modification to make it reach a certain performance, and then use the modified plastic through injection molding processing into self lubricating plastic bearings.

Self lubricating plastic bearings

Self lubricating plastic bearings have the following characteristics:

1、Self lubricating plastic bearings, suitable for places where it is impossible to refuel or very difficult to refuel, can be used without maintenance or less maintenance.
2、Self lubricating plastic bearings with good wear resistance, plastic bearings as a whole are lubricated materials, small coefficient of friction, long service life.
3, Self lubricating plastic bearings will not occur in the use of rust and corrosion resistance, while metal bearings prone to rust can not be used in chemical fluids.
4, Self lubricating plastic bearings are lighter than metal, which is more suitable for the modern trend of lightweight design.
5, Self lubricating plastic bearings manufacturing costs are lower than the metal class; Self lubricating plastic bearings using injection molding process is more suitable for mass production; Self lubricating plastic bearings in operation.

self lubricating plastic bearings

6, Self lubricating plastic bearings in operation without any noise, has a certain vibration absorption function.
7, Self lubricating plastic bearings are suitable for high and low temperature work -200 ~ +250 degrees.
8. Good corrosion resistance, in a certain temperature and concentration range can be resistant to a variety of corrosive media and organic media
9. High mechanical strength, cut can be in liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 ℃) to maintain high toughness
10. Good self-lubrication, high wear resistance
11. Strong anti-adhesive ability
12. Very low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation
13. Good resistance to high energy radiation performance

Self lubricating plastic bearings

Main applications of self-lubricating plastic bearings:

Electromechanical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decorative building materials

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