Six common faults in bearing operation

As a finishing part, any failure or damage situation of the bearing will affect its working performance. To avoid bearing failure, we must first understand what common faults there are in bearings, while some special cases need professional maintenance workers to solve.

I. Bearing discoloration

The main manifestation of bearing discoloration is that its surface becomes black or blue, which is caused by the continuous operation of the bearing in a high temperature environment. The high temperature referred to here because of certain reasons leads to abnormal high temperature, the specific abnormal reasons are.

1, bearing lubrication within the bearing does not meet the technical requirements.

2, bearing installation process intrusion of dirt or impurities.

3, bearing and journal, shaft hole with loose, resulting in the inner and outer ring of the bearing sliding friction.

4, bearing seat hole and journal between the different heart, resulting in bearing operation by the abnormal role.

5, bearing due to overspeed operation or overload operation, operation of its own design bearing capacity.

6, circular vertebral roller bearing axial clearance is small bearing and sealing devices, gaskets and bushings, etc. to produce greater friction.

Second, the bearing cracks

Specific performance is the bearing of the inner ring and outer ring on both irregular cracks. The causes of this situation are.

1, bearing quality defects or bearing used by the steel internal defects.

2、The bearing is subjected to a large external shock load.

3, installation and disassembly of bearings, bearings by the iron direct knocking, resulting in the inner and outer ring of the bearing cracking.

4, bearing inner ring, outer ring and seat hole, journal with poor fit, resulting in uneven force on the raceway, resulting in cracks on the inner ring and outer ring.

Third, bearing corrosion occurs

General bearing in the factory have anti-rust treatment, and the bearing will also do completely sealed treatment, the purpose is to prevent the bearing is corroded, however, when the sealing device of the bearing fails, resulting in external dirt or moisture for bearing inside, it will lead to bearing corrosion.

Fourth, important component damage

If they are damaged, it means that the bearing should be replaced immediately. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the bearing ball or roller installation clearance is too small, bearing use process, by the violent impact, lubricant mixed with iron and other hard substances, resulting in ball or roller damage.

Five, bearing raceway damage

The main reason for the bearing raceway damage is that the bearing is subjected to external strong impact load or poor lubrication, resulting in the raceway exceeding the force design standard and producing pit scars.

Sixth, the bearing running ability decreases

These are the six common faults in bearing operation

We must pay special attention to these contents when using, once the bearing is found to have any one or more faults, it must be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid affecting the normal work.