What should I pay attention to during the maintenance period of tapered roller bearings?

Tapered roller bearings maintenance period precautions

Inspection of tapered roller bearings must be carried out in a dry and clean environment, never expose the bearings to pollutants or moisture.

Tapered Roller Bearings

If the work is interrupted, the machine should be covered with oil paper plastic sheet or similar material. If you do not have to disassemble and may carry out inspection under the circumstances of cleaning the bearing without cover, to use the brush with petroleum solvent to clean, and then dry with a lint-free cloth or blow dry with compressed air (be careful not to let the bearing assembly start to rotate).

Tapered Roller Bearings

Do not clean the sealed cover or dustproof bearing; only wipe its external surface can be. If the tapered roller bearings are damaged, they need to be replaced. In the regular downtime maintenance period to replace the bearing is far more economical than due to bearing damage caused by the loss of sudden downtime.

1, in order to ensure the dynamic balance of the tapered roller bearings, should always pay attention to the balance of the weld piece whether off welding.

2. It is strictly forbidden to start the car with high speed gear.

Tapered Roller Bearings

3、It is strictly forbidden to overload and over-speed the car. 

4、It is strictly forbidden to lift the clutch pedal.

5、Check the tightness of the drive shaft hanger, whether the supporting rubber is damaged, whether the connection parts of the drive shaft are loose, and whether the drive shaft is deformed. 

tapered roller bearings

6、The cross bearing of the universal joint should be greased frequently, the grease used is different in different seasons, the summer should be injected into the third lithium grease, the winter into the second lithium grease.

7、The working condition of transmission shaft should be checked frequently.

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