Basic Introduction To Thrust Ball Bearings

Thrust Ball Bearing Information:

Thrust ball bearings are an important member of the bearing family and are widely used in metallurgical equipment, mining machinery, construction machinery, motorbikes and other fields, and are becoming increasingly well known. The following will bring the basic introduction of thrust ball bearings, so that you have a whole understanding of it. At the same time, you can compare with other types of bearings introduced in the past according to the content of the introduction to see what the differences are and how to distinguish them. Next, let’s go into today’s study together.

Thrust ball bearing by the seat ring, shaft ring and steel ball keep frame components of three parts, with the shaft with the shaft ring, with the shell with the seat ring.

Thrust Ball Bearing Information
Thrust ball bearing classification:

According to the force situation is divided into one-way thrust ball bearings and two-way thrust ball bearings. Single direction thrust ball bearing, can bear a one-way axial load; two-way thrust ball bearing, can bear two-way axial load. The mounting surface of the seat ring is spherical bearing, with alignment performance, can reduce the impact of installation error.


 Thrust ball bearings are only suitable for bearing one side of the axial load, low speed on the machine, such as crane hook, vertical water pump, vertical centrifuge, jack, low speed reducer, etc..

Thrust ball bearing characteristics:

1、Two types of one-way and two-way are available.

2, in order to allow for installation errors, either one-way or two-way, can choose spherical spherical seat cushion type or with spherical seat ring type.

3. high quality steel – ultra-clean steel that extends bearing life by up to 80%.

4. high level of grease technology allowing for longer grease life and improved bearing performance.

5. high-grade steel balls – quiet and smooth at high speeds.

6, the use of the collar in the option allows for mounting errors.

7、Thrust ball bearings cannot withstand radial loads and have low limiting speeds.

8, bearing shaft ring, seat ring and rolling body is separated, can be installed and dismantled separately.

The above is the basic introduction of thrust ball bearings, from the composition, classification, use and characteristics of four aspects to explain, we should have a more intuitive understanding of it, can it be distinguished from other types of bearings?

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