Bearing Installation Method Of Thrust Bearing Installation

Thrust Ball Bearing Installation

The fit between the thrust bearing and the shaft is generally a transition fit, and the fit between the seat ring and the bearing seat hole is generally a clearance fit. Two-way thrust bearing in the shaft ring should be fixed on the shaft, in order to prevent relative to the shaft rotation. The mounting method of thrust bearing, in general, is the case of shaft rotation mostly, so the inner ring and shaft fit for over win fit, bearing outer ring and bearing chamber fit for clearance fit.

Thrust Ball Bearing Installation

When installing the thrust bearing, the perpendicularity of the shaft ring and shaft centre line should be checked. The method is to fix the micrometer in the box shell end face, so that the table contact top in the bearing shaft ring raceway side rotation bearing, while observing the micrometer pointer, if the pointer pendulum, that the shaft circle and shaft centerline is not vertical. Box shell hole deeper, can also be used to lengthen the micrometer head test.

Thrust bearing installation is correct, its seat ring can automatically adapt to the rolling body rolling, to ensure that the rolling body is located in the upper and lower ring raceway. Mechanical frontier micro letter platform if installed in reverse, not only bearing work is not normal, and each with the surface will be subject to serious wear. As the shaft ring and seat ring and the difference is not very obvious, assembly should be extra careful, do not make a mistake.

Thrust Ball Bearing Installation

In addition, the thrust bearing seat ring and bearing seat hole should be left between 0.2-0.5mm clearance, used to compensate for parts processing, installation inaccuracy caused by the error, when the operation of the bearing collar centre offset, the gap can ensure its automatic adjustment, avoid touching friction, so that its normal operation. Otherwise, it will cause violent damage to the bearing.

Thrust Ball Bearing Installation
Thrust ball bearing installation and use:

1. When installing the bearing, the bearing seal should be removed, washed and then coated with clean and high quality lubricating oil.

2. When installing the bearing, the force should be evenly distributed, not hammering. If the interference is large, the bearing should be put into mineral oil and heated to 90°-100°, then immediately installed.

3. The storage room where the bearings are stored should be clean, clean, with relative humidity not exceeding 65%.

4. Stock bearings should be cleaned and oiled again every other year, and the oil seal package should be kept in good condition.

5. When using bearings, there should be good sealing and dustproofing devices, and the working condition should be checked frequently.