How to solve the noise generated in the operation of the thrust ball bearing?

Thrust ball bearing noise is generally generated in operation, there are commonly scar noise and dust noise, how to solve the thrust ball bearings in operation to produce noise? Specific analysis of specific problems, find the cause of noise, and then choose the appropriate method to reduce noise according to the cause. The following bearing in operation to produce noise causes and solutions.

Thrust Ball Bearing Noise

1. scar sound and its control of thrust ball bearing noise method:

Rolling bearing rolling surface such as cracks, indentation or rust, will occur like riveting riveting periodic vibration and noise, its cycle may be fixed mostly with the speed into a certain correspondence, scarring in the channel will occur continuously, scarring in the steel ball on the hidden, and this noise with the installation and lubrication conditions and certain changes.

This type of noise control methods are: installation can not knock thrust ball bearing, the bearing and shaft assembly and then into the bearing housing to prevent the bearing installed oblique; inventory to prevent thrust ball bearing rust and transport to prevent shock vibration; the use of high viscosity grease

Thrust Ball Bearing Noise

2.Dust sound and its control of thrust ball bearing noise:

Rolling bearings with dust and other foreign matter, will occur non-periodic vibration and the so-called dust sound, its vibration and noise size is variable, and either with or without.

Dust sound control methods are: improve the thrust ball bearing cleaning methods, installation before the thrust ball bearing, shaft, seat hole and the matching parts all strictly Shen clean; remove foreign matter within the lubricant; improve the sealing of the bearing; avoid the use of impure materials or embedded with foreign matter plastic cage.

Thrust Ball Bearing Noise

3.The noise caused by lubrication factor and its countermeasures:

Improper selection of lubricant can also lead to noise of thrust ball bearing.

Improper lubrication in the cause of premature bearing failure accounted for 36%, so to choose the appropriate lubricant, lubricant and bearing applications to match.

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