What are the assembly requirements for axial roller bearings?

Thrust roller bearing assembly requirements:

1、The end face marked with the model number should generally be installed in the visible part for future replacement.

2、The radius of circle at the shoulder of journal or shell hole should be smaller than the radius of circle of bearing.

Thrust Roller Bearing Assembly

 3, coaxial two thrust roller bearings, there must be a bearing outer ring (or inner ring), can produce axial movement when thermal expansion, so as to avoid additional stress on the shaft or bearing, or even make the bearing bite.

4, the bearing fixing device must be intact and reliable, tightening moderate, relaxation reliable.

 5, the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing seat, the inner ring of the bearing and the shaft fit, must meet the requirements of the drawings.

Thrust Roller Bearing Assembly

6, oil felt, oil seals and other sealing devices must be tight, in the groove or labyrinth seal device should be filled with dry oil.

7、In the process of assembling the thrust roller bearing, it should be strictly kept clean to prevent debris from entering the bearing.

8、After assembly, the bearing runs flexibly and without noise, and the working temperature rise does not exceed 50°C.

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