What is the difference between UCF bearings and UCFU bearings

What is the difference between UCF bearings and UCFU bearings?

A. Different designation:

1、UCF bearing: outer spherical bearing, is a variant of deep groove ball bearing.

2、UCFU bearing: with seat outer spherical bearing, rolling bearing and housing combined together in a bearing unit.

Second, the characteristics are different:

1, UCF bearing: outer ring outer diameter surface for spherical, can be matched into the corresponding concave spherical bearing seat to play the role of alignment. The outer spherical bearing is mainly used to bear radial load mainly radial and axial combined load, should not bear axial load alone.

2, UCFU bearings: outer spherical bearings are made of spherical outer diameter, and with a spherical bore of the imported bearing seat mounted together, the structure of a variety of forms, versatility and interchangeability is good.

Third, the advantages of different:

1, UCF bearings: outer spherical bearings are preferentially used in situations requiring simple equipment and parts, such as for agricultural machinery, transportation systems or construction machinery.

2、UCFU bearing: with seat outer spherical bearing is grease sealed deep groove ball bearing and various shapes of housing combination of high-precision component products. The bearing assembly can be directly mounted to the main body of the machinery through several bolts, has the function of centering, can be grease replenishment, etc., is a very easy to install and use the product.

What are the applications of UCF bearings?

They can be used in insulating glass production lines, engineering and engineering design, coding machines, condiment processing equipment, heat exchangers, sewage treatment equipment, variable frequency pumps, electric welding machines, household sewing machines, workbenches, sorting screens, plating equipment, varnishing machines, rubber molding machines, pellet making machines, plastic calendering machines, agricultural machinery parts, pelletizing and drying equipment, etc.

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