How to install the water pump bearings?

KHRD Water Pump Bearings

What is water pump bearing?

Water pump bearing generally refers to the automotive water pump shaft connecting bearing. Automotive water pump shaft connecting bearing is a bearing, the cage material is usually selected reinforced nylon 66, the material of the seal ring is generally used nitrile rubber, when the requirements are high, can also choose fluorine rubber seal ring.

Water pump bearing structure:

1.Water pump bearing is sealed double row bearing, two rows of rolling body spacing is wide.
2.There are ball type consisting of ball only and ball and roller type consisting of ball and roller.
3.Standard products have a keyway (groove) in the center of the outer surface of the outer ring for the installation of steel wire (clip) to prevent the water pump bearing from falling off.

How to install water pump bearings?

1. Use bearing heater to heat the bearing evenly to about 120℃ before installing it at the journal. During the installation process, you can use a copper rod to strongly tap the inner ring of the bearing. After the installation is completed, you can use a stopper to check the clearance between the bearing and the shaft, and confirm that there is no clearance on it.

2. The clearance between the bearing end cap and the bearing can be measured by the pressure lead wire method, and the axial clearance can be adjusted to between 0.1mm and 0.15mm by using the copper pad, and then the bearing end cap can be installed.

4. Install the end cover of the pump, and cause different centers on the diagonal in the process of installing the end cover bolts.

5. Install the pump on the pump sled for centering. You can check the coupling gap with a stopper and a ruler. There should be a gap of 2mm~6mm between the two couplings, and the adjustment shims should not exceed 4 pieces per group when aligning.

What are the properties of water pump bearings?

1.Good durability
2.Low friction and low heat generation
3.Ground vibration, low noise

water pump bearing

How to debug the pump bearing?

1.Confirm whether the circulating water system and lubricating oil are normal, and all the bolts should be tightened in place. There is no obvious jamming and abnormal sound when coiling.

2.The motor will be pneumatic, motor voltage, current, import and export pressure to do the record work.

3.Check the bearing temperature, packing leakage and operation.

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