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What Is High Temperature Bearing, High Temperature Bearing Use Characteristics?

Through the understanding of bearing customers, the main temperature of high-temperature bearing has become a question. What is high-temperature bearing? What are the characteristics of high-temperature bearings? ” In view of these problems, xinbohao summarized the specific use knowledge of high temperature bearing according to the understanding, hoping to help you search.

What is high-temperature bearing?

The so-called high temperature bearing means that the working temperature is higher than that of ordinary bearing, and the general working temperature is 150 ℃ ° The bearings used above are called high-temperature bearings.

Features of high-temperature bearing:

  1. Lifetime lubrication, in the process of use without adding any grease.
  2. High-cost performance, high quality than ordinary bearing quality dozens of times.
  3. It has won the trust of customers with its long service life.
  4. High-temperature bearing is widely used in metallurgy, furnace, glass, blast furnace, spray painting equipment, and other high-temperature machinery.

Warm tips: high-temperature bearings are mainly used in aviation jet engines, gas turbines, nuclear reactor systems, X-ray tubes, tungsten disks, high-speed aircraft, rockets, and spaceships.