Causes and solutions of high temperature of cylindrical roller bearings!

Cylindrical roller bearing temperature rise will directly affect the performance of machinery and equipment, running speed is too low to bring up the machine, too high will lead to high temperature generator burned machine. Plus down to introduce the cylindrical roller bearing temperature rise causes and solutions.

Cylindrical Roller Bearing Temperature

What causes the cylindrical roller bearing temperature change:

1.improper bearing installation:

Generally assembled rolling bearing only bear radial stress, but if the bearing inner ring and shaft fit too tight, or bearing outer ring and end cap fit too tight, that is, when the yang interference amount is too large, after assembly bearing clearance is too small, sometimes even close to zero. In this case, the rotation is not flexible, and heat will be generated in the process of operation. If the bearing inner ring and shaft fit too loose, it will also lead to frictional heating and overheating of the bearing.

Cylindrical Roller Bearing Temperature


The same shaft tolerance zone and bearing inner ring fit than the tolerance zone and general reference hole fit is much more important. In order to choose the suitable use of the fit, to consider the nature of the bearing load, size, temperature conditions, the inner ring outer ring of the rotating state of various conditions factors. In general, as a reference part of the bearing inner ring inner diameter tolerance zone in the standard moved to below the zero line.

2.poor lubrication of the bearing:

Too much lubricating oil and too little lubricating oil will cause the bearing to heat up, improper selection or maintenance of lubricating oil, dust or impurities mixed in lubricating oil, poor quality or deterioration of lubricating oil, etc. will cause the cylindrical roller bearing to heat up.


Adjust the amount of lubricating oil so that it is about 1/2-2/3 of the space volume of bearing room, and clean the unsuitable or deteriorated lubricating oil and replace it with suitable and clean lubricating oil.

3.the clearance of each part of the bearing does not fit:

Too small a clearance of the bearing parts will cause the bearing to heat up, but too large a clearance of the bearing will make the rotor run unstably.

4.the bearing cooling time is not enough:

If the machine and equipment pipeline blockage, cooler selection is not appropriate, poor cooling effect, resulting in insufficient cooling of the bearing, the bearing temperature will be too high, affecting the normal use of the phenomenon.

Cylindrical Roller Bearing Temperature


 Check whether the pipeline is blocked, the oil temperature and return water temperature exceeds the standard. If the choice of cooler is not suitable, poor cooling effect, can not meet the requirements of use, should be timely replacement or parallel installation of new cooler.

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