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Disassembly Procedure Of Automobile Tire Bearing


Automobile tire bearing is the most critical part. In the process of maintenance, if we do not get reasonable disassembly steps, it is likely to cause damage to the tire bearing and bring unnecessary damage to the automobile tire.

 Therefore, we must carry out reasonable disassembly according to the corresponding steps when disassembling the tire bearing.

Based on years of experience, xinbohao analyzes in detail the disassembly steps of automobile tire bearing

  1. Remove the tire.

You can see the brake disc and brake caliper when you remove the tire. After you remove them, you can see the front wheel bearing.

  1. Remove the bearing fastening nut.

Remove the dust cover outside the bearing with the opening to see the big nut fixing the bearing, and remove the nut with 30 sleeves.

  1. Remove the brake caliper.

Use an 18 ring spanner to remove the two screws that fix the brake caliper, and take the caliper down slowly to prevent the brake oil pipe from breaking.

  1. Remove the brake disc.

Takedown the outside brake disc. If the brake disc can’t be removed, screw two screws onto the brake disc hole and tighten the screws with the corresponding wrench to remove the brake disc.

  1. Remove the front wheel bearing.

The solid nut outside the bearing has been removed. At this time, the bearing can be removed by pulling outward with both hands.

  1. Install a new bearing.

Install a new bearing and replace it with a new solid nut. After tightening the nut, rivet the edge of the nut with an opening to make the nut more solid. Install the dust cover.

  1. Install brake disc and brake caliper.

Install the brake disc and brake caliper, and the bearing will be replaced this time.

For the disassembly of bearings, both large and small bearings need to be reasonably disassembled according to the actual situation, which can not only avoid damage to the bearings but also improve the service life of the bearings. Xinbohao once again warm tips, what do not understand must be a timely inquiry, so as not to bring certain damage to the bearing or car.